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Most people are faced with the problem of misplacing or losing their keys. With the many different keys that are used, from house keys, to locker keys and other personal keys, there are so many that need to be taken care of. This is where the wonderful invention of the key ring comes in. Key rings are made to hold a bunch of keys together and come in different shapes sizes, colors and styles and made of different materials. Nowadays with the new and improved technology people can opt for custom-made key rings that would give it a personal touch. Photoengraving is the best way to personalize any key ring of your choice. Let us take a look at the different types of key rings that come with personal photoengraving.

Gold Plated Key Rings

These beautiful key rings are made of metal but are gold plated. They come in beautiful styles and shapes like, hearts, circles, oval shaped and many other designs. Personal photographs are engraved onto the key ring making the item something to cherish. Pictures of your loved ones, your pet, partner or favorite celebrity can be engraved onto the gold plated key ring.

Chrome Finish Key Rings

This type of key ring stands out among the rest because of its beautiful shimmery silver sparkle. The chrome finish helps make it look extremely elegant and classy. And with the added feature of getting your loved ones photo engraved, is what makes it even more stunning. These also come in special shapes and styles as per your choice and liking.

Shooter Key Ring

These specialized key rings can be made with more than one photoengraving, with the help of a leather strap of any color of your choice. The type of metal can be chosen along with the strap and the photo is engraved onto the base of the metal giving it that personal touch. These key rings also come in different shapes and are also available as phone straps with multiple photo bases.

Other New Key Ring Types

Although there are many different types of key rings, some of the ones that stand out are Photo locket key rings in which the key ring is a heart shaped locket with the engraved photo inside the heart. Watch key rings are also a great item that can be engraved with a personal photograph. All of these come in special shapes like hearts, squares rectangles etc.

These are the best kind of personalized key rings that are custom made to your liking and something that you can keep close to you and cherish for a long time reminding you of your loved ones.
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Welcome to Face2Face.

Photo Engraving on Jewelry & Gifts: Face2Face Photoengraving is a company with more than a decade of experience in engraving photos onto jewelry for customers world wide.

Here at Face2Face Photoengraving we engrave your photos using the very precise dot by dot diamond photo etching technique.

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