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Online Resources for Jewelry - jewelry suppliers, diamond jewelry and gift stores, diamond rings, anniversary and engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond stud earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants.

Trendy fashion jewelry crafted in sterling silver and gold as well as engraving options for personalized gifts.

You will find listings including: vintage jewelry, antique jewelry, estate & costume jewelry, retro modern and deco jewelry.


You will also find pieces made with semi-precious gemstones, pearls, crystal, sterling silver and gold-filled beads.

Body Piercing Jewelry: navel jewelry, gold plated body piercing jewelry and helix barbell piercing.

Websites specialising in all areas; manufacturing and supply of jewelry and accessories. These listings are updated regularly to help you find an extensive variety of jewelry resources.


14ga Belly Rings, Navel Piercing
Screws, captive bead rings, navel rings made of acrylics, titanium and stainless steel at
Algordanza Memorial Diamond
Make a certified, high-quality diamond created from cremated ashes of your loved one as a memorial to their unique life. Let your diamonds keep the memories alive for generations.
Bali Silver Jewelry
Sterling silver jewelry, custom silver chain by the inch and Bali silver jewelry.
Belirams Jewelers & Silvermiths
Antique sterling silver silverware and antique fine gold jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, fine diamonds jewelry, Indian antique silver.
Diamond Jewelry
Stunning collection of diamond engagement rings, wedding jewelry, loose diamonds, GIA certified diamonds, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, pearl jewelry, gemstone jewelry & platinum jewelry.
Discount jewelry, agreat investment and affordable
The #1 source for discount jewelry, The grand old mall Jewelry row have put together some of the world finest Jewelry stores
Engagement Rings
For a full selection of engagement rings made with gold and platinum rings, visit Engagement Rings Center. We have a variety of wedding ring styles in white, yellow and two tone gold designs.
Engagement Rings, Loose Diamonds, Wedding Rings
Specialising in Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Loose Diamonds, Raymond Weil Watches, Guess Watches, Sports Jewellery, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets & Pendants Online.
Fashion Jewelry in Sterling Silver & Gold at Shimmer & Stone
Trendy fashion jewelry crafted in sterling silver and gold. Shop online for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches, and other accessories. Engraving available for personalized gifts.
Gold belly button rings
We offer a wide variety of Surgical Steel Rings, Belly Bananas, Navel Rings, Belly Button Rings, Curved Barbell Rings coming in different styles, colors and made from body-safe materials.
Links to jewelry directory resources and information websites. jewelry, beaded necklaces, bracelets and jewelry sets
The Little Purple Bead Company LLC- Creating unique handcrafted beaded jewelry: using beads, crystals, semi-precious stones and metals.
Jewelry boxes and cribbage boards in exotic woods and Hawaiian koa !
Jewelry boxes, cribbage boards made with Hawaiian koa and exotic woods. Custom work is a specialty!
Jewelry boxes and gifts - Swartzendruber Hardwood Creations Gift Gallery™
Jewelry Boxes and distinctive gifts for women or men. Wedding, anniversary, Christmas presents or Valentine's day gifts for jewelry storage by Fine Wooden Jewelry Boxes™
Jewelry directory includes jewelry store list.
Jewelry Directory. - links to jewelry directory resources and information websites.
ka gold jewelry
Meaningful gold and silver jewelry from different religions and concepts such as tree of life jewelry, new age jewelry Egyptian, Jewish and Kabbalah jewelry.
LaurenAsh, Specialising in Affordable, Contemporary, trendsetting Costume Jewellery & Accessories - Be the envy of all your friends!!
We offer unusual, bold & funky jewellery that will blow you away. Stand out from the norm and be the envy of all your friends. You will not be disappointed. Be different, be inspired, be you!!
man titanium bracelet
Titanium and tungsten carbide jewelry online store featuring wedding band rings with gold inlays, silver inlays, diamonds and gemstones. We also offers unique black titanium and anodized titanium fashion men's rings at discount prices. Shop for uni
Round Diamond Earrings
Bracelets, gold, silver with such stones as opal, brilliant, sapphire, amethyst, citrine for affordable prices at Pure Diamond
Scrap Jewelry
Trusted Gold Buyer can assist you with selling everything from broken jewelry and gold coins to handcrafted fine jewelry and estate collections
sell gold
We invite all types of individuals like jewelry buyers, dealers, dentists, etc to sell gold to us. We buy gold coins, gold jewelry, gold scrap or any gold item using a hassle.
SILVER JEWELRY DISCOUNT+Buy Snake Dragon Ring with Gem+Snake Jewelry Discoutn
DISCOUNT JEWELRY Free Shipping+ETHNIC Jewelry TRIBAL Jewelry CELTIC Jewelry EARRINGS PENDANTS Bracelets+BROOCHES Chains Necklases Jewellery+Silver Jewelry HANDMADE+JEWELRY+HANDMADE earigns+erings+rins
Sterling Silver Jewelry | Fashion Jewelry
We offer the latest sterling silver and fashion jewelry for women and men including rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.
Turquoise Earrings
At you'll find all impossible kinds of gold bracelets, jewelry sets, engagement rings of high quality for women, men, children.
Unique Sterling Silver Jewelry
Picture Yours Unique is your one stop online store offering great collection of Sterling Silver Romantic, Moroccan & Antique jewelry.
Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors
Jewelry designers, manufacturers and retailers use our Corrosion Intercept anti-tarnish jewelry boxes and bags that protect items from tarnishing during storage and shipping.
Wood Bone piercing & Horn jewelry plugs
Providing Bone piercing and horn jewelry plugs – wholesale and retail organic body piercing jewelry
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Articles On Jewelry
Bring Smile to Her Face with a Gift of Kamarband
What to gift to the wives becomes a real big question but a gift of accessory can always be a great way out to cherish the better halves and bring a beautiful smile on their faces.

A wide range of jewelry gifts for women are available to intensify the feeling of love
Giving your girlfriend a nice piece of jewelry can make a good impression in her heart. Plenty of jewelry gifts for women in the forms of necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings, etc. are available in the market to adorn the feminineness of your soul mate.

How To Buy Estate Jewelry
If you are a fan of estate jewelry there are certain things you should keep in mind when buying it, thus you will feel happy and satisfied with your purchase. Dover Jewelry teaches you how to choose the best estate jewelry for you, in this text you will find the best tips to choose the right estate jewelry.

Gifting Ideas for your boyfriend
No idea what to buy your boyfriend? It's no secret that men can be notoriously hard to buy gifts for. Picking the right gift for your boyfriend can often be a difficult. Sure you'd like to get him great smelling cologne or a cool gadget or gizmo of which new versions are being launched monthly by one company or the there.

Yellow Diamonds - What to Look for When Getting a Fancy Colored Diamonds
Paragon International | Get the most imperative data about Natural Color Diamonds and why they are greatly extraordinary and perfect for speculation purposes.

Beauty of the Rare Tanzanite
One of the most beautiful and rare stones to have entered the family of gemstones, tanzanite has made its mark in the jewelry world and any piece set with this stunning stone looks extremely attractive, the very reason why women are absolutely in love with them.

Diamond Rings glitter alight
Diamond Rings are steeped in tradition. Diamond rings are the perfect gift of love for any occasion, be it anniversaries, birthdays, or any other special event in your life. Diamond rings have always been considered a symbol of the powerful bond of love shared between two people.

How will you maintain the Shine of your Silver or Stone-studded Jewels?
Removing your jewelry while you bath or dive isn't needed; simply rinse with cleansing soap and water later on to wipe the recurring chemicals from your jewels.

A Huge Growth in the Market of Jewellery Sector in Bombay
Jewellery has been regarded as intrinsic to a woman's life and both are almost synonymous in civilized cultures in any part of the world! During the cultural evolutions, the human endeavors have been continuous as for developing newer technologies for the purpose of better designs and appeal. We see remarkable interventions in the jewellery enterprising and marketing in some specific cultural regions of the world.

Divine Diamond Promise rings
Diamond Promise rings are bestowed to symbolize a promise that one person makes to another. In some cases, promise rings are precursors to engagement rings. While the latter symbolize a promise to marry, promise rings can stand for many other kinds of vows. Both men and women can give promise rings. It is not gender specific.

How Much Body Piercing Is Good And When It Turns Vulgar
Body piercing can be a wonderful experience. Also, painful for some people. Whatever the experience might be like, the result is always rewarding. Piercings can change your entire look, change the way you feel about yourself, change your mood and sometimes also change what people perceive about you!

Say You Care With A Christian Gift Today
Are you looking for that perfect Gift for your Christian friends or loved ones? The look no farther than As they have the right gift for that person in your life you want to show your love for them by only giving the best in Christian themed gifts.

The Pearl in All its Glory
An article about pearls, how they are grown, cultured, and are used in accessories.

What Gemstone Should I Wear & Buy
There is an incredible distinctive sort of gems out there and the decision is endless.It's dependent upon sound judgment and a little learning picked up from working in the pearl world.Spinel occurs in many diverse shades, pink, blue, green, black, orange, purple as well as a real decision amidst. There is additionally a beautiful reach of fine pastel colors as well. To be more exact Spinel offers the biggest decision of pastel colors in any gemstone.

Create Some Fascinating Ensembles With Jewelry Making Supplies
Jewelry is the most appealing thing for every woman and there would be hardly any on earth who does not like sporting some matching ones with their attire.

Is A Platinum Wedding Ring Worth The Price Tag?
In the recent years, platinum with its sheer beauty and elegance has become a modern trend for wedding gifts. Many couples have turned to the aura of this metal, due to its lavish and luxurious look. But for some individuals it is still a concern that why choose platinum ring though it is so expensive, especially when other white metals available are less expensive and give similar looks? It's really a good question and definitely worth an answer. Therefore, let's plunge into and have a closer view at some of the factors that make this metal special and unique.

All That Glitters Today Is Rose Gold!
When someone talks about gold and diamond jewelry, you immediately think of a lustrous yellow or a white or a platinum piece. First, it was silver and white gold and then yellow gold was back in trend. But nowadays, the pinkish hue of gold has become really popular and a Rose gold diamond ring is the newest jewelry trend among fashionistas across the globe.

How to Differentiate Between Real and Fake Diamonds
Differentiating between real and fake diamonds is difficult even for seasoned jewelers. For this reason, it is possible to get ripped off as you browse the market for a gem for that special person. Many laboratory generated stones pass for natural diamonds to the naked eye.

Show Your Love With Wedding and Anniversary Rings Over the Years
There comes a time in every man's life when he will entertain the notion of shopping for both wedding and anniversary rings for his love. This will be a very exciting and scary time for him.

Extremely Light and Comfortable Casio Protrek Titanium Watches
Most of the models in the Casio Protrek Series come with resin case and band but there are also several models with resin case and titanium band. These watches are large and rugged due to the titanium band material but extremely lightweight. The latest model, the Casio Protrek PRW3000, is a however a smaller and sleeker watch as compared to the older models.

Let Him Be Creative With Tacori Wedding Bands For Him
The wedding bands you choose to wear for the rest of your lives are not only symbolic of your union as husband and wife, but they are also representative of your specific style and taste. When choosing these rings, you can be as lavish or as simple as you would like.

Top Tips: Shopping For The Perfect Engagement Ring
Taking the step to commit to someone you love is one of the most beautiful things you can do. Whether it is to your childhood sweetheart or the love you finally found after years of searching; getting on one knee and asking that all important question is no easy task. When it comes to a proposal there are numerous things to consider; the traditions, the etiquette and of course that ring. Whether we want to admit it or not, the ring can often be the deal breaker so if you're thinking of doing it without one stop right there! Yes, I suppose you can take her with you one day but if you want the magic, the sparkle and naturally that element of surprise then it is time to start shopping.

Wedding Bands: Anyone Can Wear Them
The wedding bands themselves are made of metals like platinum, silver or gold. The never ending circle is representative of your love for many reasons. A circle is perfect. It has no beginning and no end.

Advantages of Cluster Engagement Rings
When it comes to choosing a shape, cut and setting for an engagement ring, couples nowadays can easily become overwhelmed by the wealth of choice on offer. There seems to be an almost endless array of options to choose from, and most couples will probably be scared into sticking to the most traditional choices that 'everyone else' is getting. Those who are willing to venture a little more in-depth into this wonderful and diverse world, however, will find that some of the lesser-known options in the spectrum offer an appealing set of advantages, which might well influence...

The Advantages of Solitaire Engagement Rings
One of the most stressful aspects of an engagement (at least for the groom) is the choice of a ring. Something about engagement jewellery makes brides become extremely specific about what kind of configuration their ring should have, and this sometimes leaves the other halves a little at a loss, as well as under pressure to do well. For these grooms, solitaire engagement rings are often not only the default option, but a true blessing as well.

Things to Know When Buying a Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring
Planning to buy a yellow sapphire engagement ring? Here are some useful things you should know.

Are Solitaire Engagement Rings To Become A Thing Of The Past?
Solitaire engagement rings continue to represent a popular choice for people wanting to impress their partners. But is their time limited?

What Are Solitaire Engagement Rings?
There are certain things almost every woman dreams about when it comes to romantic relationships. A dashing man who treats her right and helps run the household would of course be at the top of many a bride's list, but almost as important as these is often a shiny, sparkly diamond ring. And when the topic is fairytale engagement rings, one specific kind is almost synonymous with it in most women's minds: the kind with a large, sparkly stone topping it.

Turquoise Engagement Rings: An Overview
Turquoise engagement rings are among the many options for couples looking for more original colours for their stones and bands. Learn more here.

Spotlight on Aquamarine Engagement Rings
The present-day pool of engagement ring buyers can be clearly divided into two factions: the lovers of all things diamond and traditional, and those who strive to come up with something different, unique and original. This has given rise to the appearance of not only unusual stones and materials (such as stone or wood), but also a wider range of colours, which strays away from the classic hues to offer something a little more diverse and unique to the jewellery-buying public. Aquamarine engagement rings are only the latest addition to a list which also includes green gold...

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